"Eric Malmberg is something of an enigma. How he without apparent effort brings forth these timeless melodies we don't know - only that the music is classic organ pop that aims straight for the heart. During the past years, he was the songwriter and organ player of Sagor & Swing. Soon after that band broke up, after four records, this productive musician started to sketch the main guidelines for a new solo album. A year later it's finished. An album made entirely on ORGAN and completely one man's vision, recorded in Insjön, Sweden. A highly personal record, a travel into the human psyche as illustrated by the song titles. Contrary to some beliefs, the only instrument used on this CD is the organ. The same is true for two of the previous Sagor & Swing albums, "Melodier och fåglar" and "Allt hänger samman". No synthesizers are involved. We know of no artist that has gone into more depth regarding the treatment of the Hammond organ as a general sound generator than Eric Malmberg." (label info)
in stock | SE| 2005| HÄPNA | 12.90

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