" "Räkna evighet som intet" is an electroacoustic composition in two movements and as much an incantation as it is a process of mourning embodied in an aesthetic structure. Throughout the piece Enocksson weaves taut strings, tense static and veils of feedback with fragmented voices, all the while extracting verses from acclaimed Swedish poet Lotta Lotass into emotional chorales on the impermanence of life. Merging the geist of Enocksson's prior work - the industrial doom of "Apan" and the organic choral ambience of "Man tänker sitt" - into a new, more complex composition; "Räkna evighet som intet" is a shelter and a song, crafted in the hope of warding off the gloom of loss through a very simple message: You are not alone. "Räkna evighet som intet" was commissioned by and premiered at Norbergfestival 2022. The studio recording will be co-released with iDEAL Recordings in an edition of 750 copies (LP/CD/CS) on the 1st of September, 2023." (label info)
in stock | SE| 2022| IDEAL RECORDINGS | 17.90

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