"This recording is taken from a live concert which took place at the Musique Action Festival in France on Thursday the 26 of May 2005. Initially Luc Ferrari and erik.m were invited to present "Les Protorythmiques" at Musique Action 2005, a work composed around a new 'open working process' in which sounds and compositional parts could be substituted and transformed in an almost improvisational setting, this however was not to pass due to Luc Ferrari's health, at which point Thomas Lehn was invited to join erik.m in the concert setting. The resulting performance saw erik.m utilise a range of audio samples, sounds and 'musique concrete' he had developed with Luc Ferrari whilst working on "Les Archives Sauvées Des Eaux", and Thomas Lehn invigorating the electro-acoustic palette and musical texture with his analogue synthesizer. erik.m - CDs, Concréte - Luc Ferrari - Concréte sound - Thomas Lehn - Synthi A" (label info)
in stock | AU| 2007| ROOM40 | 13.90

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