"Unprocessed recordings made at the farm "Le Petit Bouveuche" in Saint Leger sur Sarthe (Normandy region, France). The farm's main building is a large stable, where approximately a hundred cows live. The stable is open on one side, and the cows are free to wander around, even to leave the stable itself towards the open fields. At the other end, two large milking robots are installed. The cows voluntarily enter the robot area twice a day to be milked, while a central computer scans and recognises every animal, whose milk is analysed and subsequently stored to be sold. There's almost no human presence during the whole day, apart from some basic cleaning and maintenance, and to provide food during the cold season. Due to the current economic state and the low price of milk, the profits are not enough to provide a salary to the three owners. An enormous loop, almost a closed-cycle, in the northern french countryside. realised by eselsohr, giuseppe ielasi and jennifer veillerobe, 2010. Letterpressed sleeve printed by Ben Owen / Middle Press. Clear vinyl, numbered edition of 135 copies." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2011| SENUFO EDITIONS | 7.31

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