"Leighton and Eugene have been quietly dropping brilliant musical pebbles in our pond for years, yet they have remained way under the radar of all but a few close followers, even in their hometown, Brisbane, Australia. Eugene Carchesio's timeless work as a visual artist has unjustly eclipsed his extraordinary output as a soundmaker. Since the early '80s, Mr E has steadfastly proliferated a sackful of barely-released cassettes and cdrs under the D.N.E moniker, consisting of some of the most waywardly original and exploratory music made in Australia. Similarly, Leighton Craig's work, usually documented in tiny editions on his own kindling label, has been heard by relatively few ears, but those who listen are immediately struck by the sublime sensibility, the effortlessness, and the exquisitely detailed understatement of his music. Leighton and Eugene are core members of the freely improvising psych-primitive ensemble 'The Lost Domain'." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2006| NATURESTRIP | 12.90

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