"Formerly the Steele Street Revolutionary Jass Band, the group has slowly but steadily made a name for themselves locally for reliably powerful live performances in a variety of traditional and untraditional venues. Bandleader Jefrey Brown and drummer Michael Henrickson were longtime key members of one of Portland's better-known musical exports, the improvisatory, rotating-membership group Jackie-O Motherfucker. In contrast to JOMF's multigenre escapades, the Jass Band is an entity more focused on creating a variant specifically within a jazz idiom. Relying on a delicate balance between compositional tact and way out improvisation, the band is able to refer to a jazz vocabulary while building on it with confidence. The group has grown into a sextet under Brown's direction, and has brought incredible beauty, force and rawness to Portland's often overly academic live improvisation scene. Change of Scene reflects the band's combinations of Ethiopian-influenced, modal looping riffs with elements of American band music and early jazz, as well as the underground soul-jazz of the 1970s, with a lot of influence from more recent music from the DIY, experimental rock spectrum as well." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| COMMUNITY LIBRARY | 10.90

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