"Exmirror is Claude Willey from Chicago. Others contribute from time to time. Dr. Dan Nichols is responsible for the building of insect recording devices, rotating microphones, transmitters used in live performance and other electronic gadgets. Other instruments and gizmos used on "Trans-Species Action" were: toy flutes, harmonicas, various electronic gadgets, synthesizers (Roland Juno 6, Prophet 600) samplers (Akai S950, Akai S612, various pedal samplers) Digitech and Boss digital delays, Lexicon Vortex, ART Multiverb 3, various distortion units, analogue tape, digital tape, contact microphones, large chunks of wood, SPACE PHONES, glasses, metal wire, and U.S. currency." (label info) special offer
in stock | NL| 1998| GOD FACTORY | 2.90

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