special offer "Self Destruction is the first Excepter record to be feature multi-track recording and overdubbing. Outside of Dan Houglands drum programming and a few vision directives from producer John Fell Ryan, the playing is entirely improvised by the group. Self Destruction is also the first Excepter record to prominently feature the polyphonic synthesizer playing of Nathan Corbin. The husband-wife duo of Caitlin Cook and Calder Martin make the final statement on the album as they take sole vocal duties on the last track, Your House. This recording has been edited short for maximum sonic impact on vinyl." - Recording Notes. "First off, Self Destruction is a house record. Perhaps more in spirit than in its realized form, but if that sounds like a joke, stop reading. New Yorks most amorphous five-necked entity (which includes Other Musics own Dan Hougland) have never been strangers to taking the longer, more undulating gravel road, as evidenced by the stretched out subterranean sermons on last years Ka album. On Self Destruction , Excepter crawl out of the cellar and into the warehouse. This is a house record. If Xenakis had made one. It is throbbing mental machine music that (much like the quintets live shows) appears to detour, but often climaxes with the religious fervor of a Wicker Man/Moodymann ritual. Definitely more Black Mahogani than Black Dice. Excepter just traveled all over New Weird America, and torched it in the process. Incendiary." (Other Music)
in stock | US| 2005| FUSETRON | 6.90

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