"Sometimes called "the blueprint of clicks'n'cuts electronica" this fantastic release for sure is one of the best hidden secrets of the "cologne school of electronica". A tremendous and stunning whirl of beeps, whizzes and many other incredible sounds you certainly never have heard before, highly complex arranged in an although playful manner. It has flow, diversity, soul and it grooves like hell (though you shouldn't ever try to dance to it). It's astonishing, how fresh this album still is thinking of it's age and regrettable how very few artists ever since then have reached comparable heights. Closest relatives to this electronica milestone (if there are any) are Oval and Fennesz, and if you like those and haven't heard "Goflex" up to now, you still missed the best." (from discogs: denisoliver March 13, 2003)
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in stock | DE| 1997| A-MUSIK | 9.90

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