"After the exquisitly complex work of his debut album "Goflex" (a-Musik), his collaborations with Mouse on Mars and Schlammpeitziger (as Holosud), cologne´s electronic mastermind F.X.Randomiz is back on the scene with his new 12" "Stack". a one man deterritorialisation commando hitting the minefield with chopped up, high energy start stop editing manouvers extratopped with catchy hooklines. Richly textured and riddled with micro bombast events. Randomiz rewrites the manual of electronic music with his left foot. Music that produces future. Things run out of time and collide with big bursts of unheard intensity. Midi and harddisc recording fuse to become one big pulsating brain of musical conceptions which reach far beyond the boundaries of styles and genres. "Stack" is Randomiz´ comment on contemporary club music and number four in "the sonig dance perversion series"." (label info)
in stock | DE| 1999| SONIG | 4.90

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