"On the rare occasions I've had to describe Family Fodder I have not really been able to do it very well. I reviewed their strange 12" 45 rpm album ep thing from years ago and said it was "total mayhem" and involved "children singing and some hyper fast mental decisions".This album is really no different. I don't think any children were involved this time but it is no less charming. Musically I've got no idea what they are up to (just like before), but what they manage to create is a strange engaging sort of sound that messes with your head in a most peculiar way. It's a little invasive, and very touching at the same time, a bit like being beaten to sleep, or having sex with a big cactus. The influences that seep through the album come from all corners of the globe and the mind, there are unexpected instruments, bizarre arrangements, plinks where you expect plonks and other things, including warped hooky vocals and really clever bits that you'll only get after about ten listens. It's possibly best if I sum it up as something like nothing else. And if you can think of something Family Fodder sound like then please let me know. I've just realised children are involved." (Jonny Trunk)
in stock | UK| 2010| THE STATE51 CONSPIRACY | 11.90

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