"A limited vinyl-only collection of 11 love songs by Family Fodder that have never before been released on vinyl. Alig Fodder says: "We collected all the love songs together without all the annoying instrumentals, dubs and solos. Lou Reed once sang: 'No kinds of love are better than others'. I think he meant something else. The 'kinds of love' here include: the love for a child, nostalgic love and imaginary journeys, love renewed and shared, love of animals, love of music, nostalgia, love in loss and memory, love in kinship across generations, poetic and physical loving, love of the unknown or unfamiliar and the desperate love of needing." Different versions of these songs are available on the albums "Classical Music" (2010) and "Variety" (2013) as CDs or digital downloads from the state51 Conspiracy label." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | FR| 2014| STAUBGOLD | 14.90

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