"New limited edition release in sonigs' generic sleeve by Belgium's super futuristic band, the Fan Club Orchestra featuring Laurent Baudoux aka Sun OK Papi K.O.: (Electronic director), Quentin Hanon (Scratch Pet Land): Electric Guitar & Sage Ann: Game Boy Guitar, Ukulele. The Fan Club Orchestra is a variable dimension. This time they are adapting to a fast car of the late century. Their music is a result of listening intensively to soundtracks of seventies and eighties science-fiction. It is nothing like playing covers, but there is a strong will to give back to the future, it's lost image of "progress and harmony for mankind". The Fan Club Orchestra will play a motorik music with fat riffs produced by Gameboys." (label info) Total playing time 22:30, limited edition of 300 copies.
in stock | DE| 2006| SONIG | 10.90

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