"Continental Drift came about from an idea inspired by Alfred Wegener's book The Origin of Continents and Oceans. Fuzz Lee (elintseeker) is a believer in the romantic notion that a person is truly shaped by the landscape and environment the person is in. A person's personality and character in daily life, because of the environment that he or she is in, will also be expressed naturally in musical form. With that in mind, what would the results be when three individuals from three different continents with their own unique approach and style to music making are made to work together? René Margraff (Pillowdiver) from Germany and Samuel Landry (Le Berger) from Canada were specifically invited by Fuzz to join him in this musical experiment. The tracks are made in a 3-way 'triangular' process. Each musician has to come up with two tracks or samples, pass it on to the second musician from the next continent to work on and once that musician is done, he will then pass the tracks on to the third and final musician from another continent who will do the same. The tracks can only be worked on once for each musician. If you replace 'continents' with 'sound' in structural geologist Hans Cloos' quote about the continental drift theory, the creation, mixing, layering and other working processes of the samples and tracks are not too dissimilar, "It let them float and drift, break apart and converge. Where they broke away, cracks, rifts, trenches remain; where they collided, ranges of folded mountains appear". These 6 tracks are the 'trenches', the 'cracks', 'folded mountains' and 'rifts' in musical form." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2014| HOME NORMAL | 9.90

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