"With Ravvivando, veterans Faust are wading through atonal layer after atonal layer, powered by the same perverse vision that found them together, improvising in an air-raid shelter under Hamburg nearly 30 years ago. SRhymeless and reasonless, Ravvivando's linear groove would become queasily circular, if it weren't for the playful Germanic nursery-rhymes of Dr Hansl that allow Faust their odd moment of self-mockery. Closing with T-Electronique, though, Ravvivando proves that it's more than a historical document. A primeval glacial pulse, it snatches the experimental baton back from the hands of Tortoise with assured ease. Good to see that the teachers have still got a few unexpected tricks up their sleeves." (NME) Studio album, recorded in 1998/99.
in stock | DE| 1999| KLANGBAD | 12.90

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