"The album is dedicated to Fausto Romitelli and includes his composition for six instruments "Nell'alto dei giorni immobili" in a unique live recording by the finnish ensemble Zagros with the addition of a double bass as a seventh instrument, that was requested for that special performance by the composer himself. Alongside Romitell's piece, four remixes are presented as the winners of the Sincronie Remix 2011 competition, realized by Diego Capoccitti (Italy), Neil Kaczor (UK), Andrea Mancianti (Italy) and the italian team WK569. The competition's aim was to provide an occasion to stimulate a new thinking in music composition that might emerge from the contact with technologies and practices of popular music culture, while at the same time to give electronic music producers who work outside the classical area the possibility to approach the sound materials of contemporary music. Jury members included: Michele Coralli, Mario Garuti, Geert-Jan Hobjin, Riccardo Nova, Tom Pauwels, Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner and Massimiliano Viel." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2012| ALTREMUSICHE.IT | 18.90

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