"Many years ago, Felix Kubins uncle Walter Knoth was looking for a composer to musically illustrate some of his old-fashioned brilliant Schlager texts. Naturally, his first choice was his own nephew Felix - but obviously this young guy did not have the versatile qualities to manage such a thing on his own. Walter placed some big advertisements in all the important German music mags. After a long period of auditioning Madonna-lookalikes, Wanna-be-Genesis-P-Orridges and Bearded Kraut Rock Acidheads, Dutch pop mogul Frans de Waard showed interest and decided to take the Rotterdam group Coolhaven into the boat ­ an ecclectonoclast trio consisting of Dorn, Fregge and Guy Simons. This menage-á-quatre was supposed to record another top-selling album for de Waards Brombron series. Due to budget reasons the musicians were only given a period of one week to work on their songs in a dirty old studio in Rotterdam (Studio L6S - For All Your Special Projects). Nevertheless, the hyperactive quartett managed to record about 18 hours of rough material which was finally melted down to 42 minutes of sheer brilliance. Under the influence of strange instruments, dusty corners and atmospheric pain, the recording resulted in a fruitful mixture of German Weirde Welle' Optagonism, Conservative HipHop, Stockhausen Schläger, No Improv Mixing and Gabberpop. The mixing was done in long sessions (the longest being 36 hours) where everybody could have his say. Thats why it took 18 months to release the bitch. But here she is; Suppe Für Die Nacht. Have some. And don't ask questions." (label info)
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in stock | NL| 2006| BROMBRON | 14.90

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