"Festland is handmade German Technosoul. It's minimal house and ambient played live with drums, sampler, bass, and three-part harmonies. Festland is a stunning live act from Essen, Ruhrgebiet. Festland are: DDFM - bass and gesang, Thomas Geier - drums and gesang, Yoshino - sampler and gesang." (label info) "Melancholy beyond Indie-isms. Romanticism beyond abject glamour! Music of an escapist tradition, on the cusp between art and pop - it perhaps reminds me, if of anything at all, then of the Michaela Melian solo record. No computer generated stuff; no simple bleeps or bloops here. Every sample has a story to tell, every verse and every beat draws you into a world full of beauty, loneliness, hope and suicidal thoughts." (Masha Qrella) co-released with ZickZack
in stock | DE| 2006| ZICKZACK | 12.90

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