"fifty-fifty processes influences from minimalism, jazz and techno into an innovative style which is based on the principle of reduction. The concentration on melody and rhythm creates transparency and space. Hypnotic drum patterns meet with sparing melodies of controlled expressiveness. "Big respect" is the testimony the avant-garde authority John Zorn gave the musicians. As on the first CD (Fragments/Klangbad 51 CD), a compositional approach with precisely defined improvisatory parts is favored. On the new album "Let´s count" the saxophone-drums duo "fifty-fifty" is complemented by the voice of Rebecca Harris. The principles of reduction and repetition are enhanced by the unorthodox use of the voice and taken to extremes. All compositions are based on markedly reduced lyrics by Manfred Kniel." (label info) Ekkehard Rössle: saxophone, Manfred Kniel: drums, toy piano
in stock | DE| 2012| KLANGBAD | 12.90

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