"'Holy Palm' is the debut album by Flora Yin-Wong, an artist, writer, DJ and journalist, summoning the ghosts of her life in a masterful meditation on metaphysics, superstition and memory. It's part collage, part audio diary, part reflection; a sort of private ritual purification. Following her mesmerising turn on PAN's 'Mono No Aware' comp and a string of acclaimed, wildly varying productions and mixes in recent years, 'Holy Palm' appears like a woven tapestry of interconnecting recollections, rendered with and around an extensive repository of field recordings made over the past 6 years. Deploying production strategies ranging from Max processing to sharp/stitched collage work, Flora filters and tiles aural snapshots of far-flung places - from an abandoned Arctic settlement in Svalbard, to an accidental recording of a monk chanting prayers on a radio in rural Chania, Crete, and drug-fuelled Tokyo club scenes - into an uncanny investigation of how ritual punctuates and gives meaning to life." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2020| MODERN LOVE | 29.15

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