"After 10 years, AtomTM and Burnt Friedman have composed and produced their fifth long player. This time, not surrendering to genre-restricting limits, both have progressed from the initial skills shown on their debut album "Templates" back in 1999, which still spins today on many turntables: intangible, mutating, part jazzy-electronic sound beyond the constraints of time and space, "encoding sound and silence" (Press info 2002), "until our heads are spinning, and we no longer feel we are hearing correctly. Flanger creates music that stimulates your head and goes straight to your legs." (Die Zeit, 2005) Over the past years, both often retreated to Burnt's Berlin studio in an attempt to release new energies. Their previous, distinctive albums "Spirituals" and "Inner Space/Outer Space were the prelude to the incorporation of a decomposition of real jazz instrumentation or combinations resulting from midi-fied, electronic processing. Apart from Hayden Chisholm's saxophone contributions on 2 tracks, this is how it worked again for "Lollopy Dripper" - 50/50 duo mode composition with in-house, boosted equipment, very similar to the set-up in 1997, their foundation year, when the first tracks of the duo were produced within a week in Santiago de Chile - albeit with a customary, naturalistic Jazz-trio sound - in an almost "brain to midi"- modus. "Lollopy Dripper", 18 years later, is once again a sound in that vortex: unpredictable, inviting, pathologically groovy and as corresponds the adventurous cover motif by Theo Altenberg." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2015| NONPLACE | 14.90

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