"Flanger is Uwe Schmidt (Atom TM, Señor Coconut) and Burnt Friedman's electro-jazz project. Nuclear Jazz is a two-in-one, edited and freshly mastered reissue of Flanger's future jazz classics, Templates (1999) and Midnight Sound (2000). Nonplace offers a 79-minute assembly of probably the most elaborate and witty electronic collaboration to date. Ten years ago, in December 1997, Atom TM and Burnt Friedman teamed up in Santiago to compose their first record, Templates. Equipped with a few electronic production devices: sampler, sequencer and keyboard, the duo managed to produce the ultimate organic, non-repetitive soundscape that blurred the borders between real, fake and hyper-real." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2007| NONPLACE | 14.90

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