special offer! "LEAD SINGER reminds me of the moments when I'm climbing the staircase to my bands practice space and I am able to hear 4 bands practicing at once, all at matching volumes. It's a documentation of the rare times when somehow, the cacophony that echoes threw the staircase seems to be mildly orchestrated - a snare hit in one room triggers a wash of noise in another, or 2 guitars feedback in key with each other. But the sounds on FLÖSSIN's debut full length are not accidental, nor are they created by 18 people all playing shitty alternative rock - they are created by 3 stunning improv musicians, CHRISTOPHER WILLITS, ZACH HILL (HELLA), and MIGUEL DEPEDRO (KID606), who play off echother like some uber modern jazz trio. The combined history and previous efforts of these three artists becomes the soil from which new, prickly forms emerge. As the direct opponent to "cold and calculated", LEAD SINGER is "warm and spontaneous"; a sonic wash of masterful free-drumming, guitar manipulation, and digital stylings which creates a warmth to bathe in."
in stock | CA| 2004| ACHE RECORDS | 4.90

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