"For Barry Ray is the husband and wife duo of Carina Thorén (Sweden) and John Chantler (Australia). After a number of compilation appearances, long gone CDrs and lathe cut records under various guises, the pair bunked down over the winter of 06/07 to lay the foundations for 'New Days', kicking off things Christmas morning with the gift of a London turned silent and a sky free of planes. The vinyl edition is limited to 300 copies cut by the legendary Rachad at Dubplates & Mastering. Each cover is an ORIGINAL lino-cut print by Carina Thorén that extends over the front & back covers..." (label info) Numbered edition, with insert, comes in beautiful packaging - a stunning object. For Barry Ray are Carina Thorén and John Chantler.
in stock | AU| 2007| ROOM40 | 23.90

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