"Hailing from Belgium, Formatt is resolutely a digital artist. He creates his pieces from heavily processed glitches, chimings, loops and drones, the original sound sources virtually impossible to discern. In an over-crowded genre Smeekens manages to transcend the clichés of his umpteen thousand peers. Somehow simply bathing in the complexity of the not-quite abstract rhythmic patterns of his music makes one feel SMARTER, like one could sit down and pluck radical new mathematical theorem out of the air. The intuitive patterns created are as electrically stimulating as a cluster of synaptic sparks. 'Minor Curations' is a single 17.55 min piece that hums and rings and glips through 2 short movements. Your room will vibrate with atomic activity and your pictures rearrange themselves on the wall." (label info)
in stock | NZ| 2007| PSEUDO ARCANA | 3.90

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