"The music of FORREST BRIDE is an exploration of chance and spontaneous harmony, a sonorous palimpsest of modal jazz, the alchemy of dub, and the visceral sensualism of early unbleached rock and roll. Informed by the hypnotic rhythms of hip hop and Afro-beat and guided by the immediacy of popular music, Forrest Bride seeks to explode the limitations of genre-minded music making and re-imagine its broad sweep of musical and non-musical influences in a celebratory din conjuring the beauty of emergence and transformation. The core quartet of AMY MARCANTEL, BEN MARCANTEL, SCOTT MARTIN and RYAN NORRIS are joined by an ever revolving cast of some of Nashville's brightest and most adventurous underground musicians." (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| SEBASTIAN SPEAKS | 16.90

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