"In 2012, Studio Braun created FRAKTUS, a mocumentary about a fictional namesake band who, in the early 1980s, accidentally invented techno and broke-up shortly thereafter. Fraktus band member and optician, Berndt Wand, subsequently formed Fraktus II with his parents. With gentle persistence, he forced these long-suffering seniors to take up electronic experiments and dreamed of a performance at the legendary underground open air Klangbad Festival for atonal music. Fraktus eventually successfully reunite and organise real-life tours through Germany. Everyone remains silent about the optician's offshoot band. In autumn 2015, Bernd Wand meets Hans-Joachim Irmler, Klangbad organiser and founder of legendary krautrock band, Faust. Shortly thereafter a plan is made to release a Fraktus II album on the Klangbad label. Wand's parents are ready and musical dream partner Carsten "Erobique" Meyer is also available. As the studio date approaches, Papa Wand must cancel his participation due to health reasons. Thus in July 2016 Margit Wand, Bernd Wand and Carsten Meyer travel to the Faust studio in the town of Scheer without him. Situated directly on the Danube between a scrap yard and nature reserve, the studio offers a perfect environment for a week of madness. Sound engineers Andi and Jan busily construct an analogue set-up where the musical tour-de-force experiment can begin. The sound system consists of a Roland System 100 Sequencer unit, a Wasp synthesizer, a Hohner-Pianet and a Copicat Bandecho. The equipment is turned on and Carsten draws one experimental neue deutsche welle meatball after another from the world. Margit and Bernd perforate the fresh tracks with cascades of words and snap singing. While the Donau's trout hide in shady corners to avoid the summer heat, Margit's aria soars high in the air via microphones, accompanied by Irmler's apocalyptic organ cadences. When the group returns to Hamburg, the old chimera of reality breaks into their dream. They learn that Papa Wand, aka actor Wolfgang Nissen, has died while they were away. They take their wigs off their heads and bow to their dear colleague." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2016| KLANGBAD | 14.90

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