"Francisco López is an artist who has continued to challenge listeners with the fringes of acoustic perception over his 30+ year career. LINE is very happy to finally be releasing works with an artist who has so significantly influenced our notions of listening. Presque Tout is a collection of works spanning 20 years of sonic activity. This 7 hour long edition presents some of the artist's most tantalizingly subtle pieces. Re-defining the limits of "quiet" and "silent" well beyond any previous references in both conventional and experimental music, López has significantly contributed to the creation of an exceptional territory of sonic experince for the most adventurous listeners. Forcefully away from the "conceptual"; full of hidden complexity and detail; emphasizing the emotional, personal, and spiritual in the most unconventional and unexpected ways. This new LINE data DVD audio release charts for the first time that territory as a whole. Culled from many out of print editions, most of these compositions have been unavailable commercially for many years. Presque Tout also contains the stunning new 3 hour work "Untitled #313"." (label info)
in stock | US| 2014| LINE | 21.90

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