"Typically, recorded sound is considered to be a representation of reality. Unbeknownst to the average person - but also to a vast majority of sound professionals and composers - a sound recording can also be considered an entity in itself. Or, to be more precise, an "objet sonore", as Pierre Schaeffer aptly described it more than half a century ago. While millions of people today constantly gather fixed extractions of reality (in the form of photographs or video or sounds) with the specific purpose of somehow perceiving that reality again through an illusion (no matter how beautiful or emotive), some of us work with the realization that those extractions, in fact, are a different "reality" in themselves." (label info) CD1 La Selva (1997) 70:49, CD2 Belle Confusion 969 (1996) 51:32, CD3 Buildings (New York) (2001) 69:04, CD4 Qal'at Abd'al-Salam (1993) O Parladoiro Desamortuxado (1995) 68:46, CD5 untitled (2008) 50:39
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2009| KAIROS | 38.89

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