"Francisco López, the undisputed master of aural mystification, is best known for using time, silence, and sound to confound our perception of reality through large-scale works. However, occasionally, he also revels in shorter forms. A rare case in his impressive discography, the 2-CD set untitled (2009) features 14 sound art compositions ranging from two to twenty minutes. In the course of these two hours of music, López performs one magic trick after another: are these really snores prominently featured in "untitled #220" and "untitled #239", or are they more trivial sound sources, devilishly transformed? What is real, and what is masqueraded, transmuted? Can we believe our ears at all? And beyond this mystification layer hides an in-depth research on aural aesthetics, a finely developed approach to sound, philosophy, and sound ecology. A great traveler, López is using materials recorded all around the globe." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2011| BASKARU | 16.90

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