"Au Coeur du Litige is a radiophonic work consisting at its core of a series of solo clarinet improvisations. Subsequently stripped of their innocence and simplicity through digital manipulations these solos become a dense web within which there is a multiplicity of threads to explore. The project, inspired by the ice storm that ravaged large parts of Quebec and Ontario, makes use of an innovative live interactive electroacoustic set-up inspired by current works in the field of audio research. Technically speaking, the work aims to free the instrumentalist from the electroacoustic domain's usual constraints, and to generate a sound world more akin to improvisation-based environment, in which the performer plays a decision making role." (Excerpt from François Houle's liner notes) François Houle, clarinets, voice, piano (prepared piano), flutes, electronics, tape realizations, Dylan van der Schyff, percussion, electronics, Chris Tarry, electric bass, voice, electronics, Ron Samworth, electric guitar, electronics with guests Tony Wilson, electric guitar, Dan Gagnon, turntable sampling, John Korsrud, trumpet, Catriona Strang, Nancy Shaw, readers.
in stock | CA| 2000| SPOOL | 9.90

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