"EXP is a music-visual work based on the idea that fine art should attain the abstract purity of music. an attempt to assimilate the qualities found in music - including movement, rhythm, tempo, mood, intensity and compositional structure - within visual phenomena. the music for the project was composed of specifi c generated and selected waveforms, feedbacks, impulses, clicks, the sound of mechanics, electricity, magnetism, light and other radiation. in addition and since the animation is mainly driven by sound frequency and intensity, the sonic quality of these sounds makes it possible to obtain an optimal effect on the graphics motion. in combination with several other ways of controlling the animation - from midi programming to applying motion curves - the visualization represents an exact reproduction of the audible occurrences. as a consequence the computed images often attain anunexpected beauty, from simple geometrical patterns to extraordinarily complex forms." (label info) the package contains a compact disc audio with 35 tracks and a compact disc data with the live visuals of tracks 01 to 20 as quicktime movie file (, 18:05 min).
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2010| RASTER-NOTON | 17.90

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