"Aatie (opera-monde) (2010-2011). For mezzo-soprano, voices, instrumental ensemble, electronics and videos. Audio CD + DVD (no sound, to synchronize or not with CD). With Lore Lixenberg, mezzo-soprano, Luca Mazulla, clarinet, Hao Yu, viola, Roberta Presta, flute, Gerhard Krammer, trumpet, Francesco Lorelli, French horn, Ludo Stein, electronic percussion and voice treatments, Mustapha Orhan and Sophi Emin, muezzins, Aziziye Mosque, London, Herbert Mihalitsch, reciter (ordinateur bonjour), Judah Lixenberg, reciter and radio transmitter (Judah), Wilfried Haxman, reciter (new zealand lecturer), Anton Wecsz, reciter (simultaneous translator of new zealand lecturer), Fabio Freddi, tenor, Angelina Omondi Wangalwa, kenyan telephone voice, and anonymous african, american, arabic, french, greek, israeli, mexican web or radio exaltant voices. A 7' fragment has been premiered at Teatro La Fenice,Salle Apollinee, Venezia on May 14th, 2011. The complete version of Aatie had its world première on February, 15th, 2012, at Conservatoire de Paris. Frederic Acquaviva, born in France in 1967 and lives in Berlin." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2012| CASUS BELLI | 16.90

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