"a while ago we came across the awesome tune "car chase" by freedom of knowledge, on a compilation released in 1999 by the legendary bomb hip-hop records (remember their great late 90s turntablism albums by phonosycographdisk, dj craze and the likes?). actually, that's one of the only two tracks that ever came out by these guys, everything else got lost in the archives - so far. we are more than happy to present this 4-track ep with "car chase" plus three more rather crazy tracks by this amazing abstract cut'n'paste hiphop/turntablism quartet: noel rose on drums, james auman on vocals, jason gray aka dj unique on turntables and lance diblee on denon smx 2000, the first ever digital mixer. recorded in nashville, tn back in 1997-1998 and finally available. Comes in a limited edition of 60 copies, with download code." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2012| ALARM | 7.90

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