"With "CLOCK" Burnt Friedman and Daniel Dodd-Ellis offer two brand-new, pared-down extended club tracks and 2 short word and sound-poems that place "microscopically detailed textures, deceptively funky-sounding odd meters, and dubby production techniques" (CD Hotlist) alongside the manifest regularity of electronic dance music. With its hard-to-pin-down, non-placed aesthetic falling between electronic, psychedelic music and the warm-hued sounds of traditional acoustic instruments, the 4 tracks on "CLOCK" strongly relate to the album release "Cease To Matter" (non38) and the 12" "Skies Okay Blue" (non37). Measuring in at DJ-friendly 125 bpm, the seemingly straightforward grooves turn out to be intertwined with uneven beats: 5 in the case of A1 and B1. The lyrics stem from both artists. All four tracks are exclusive to this vinyl edition." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2015| NONPLACE | 9.90

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