Remixes by Shackleton and Rashad Becker. "This is the first vinyl edition of the new Friedman & Liebezeit´s Secret Rhythms Remix series, entitled "secret rhythms+", with one of the rare appearances of Sam Shackleton as remixer. He recomposed the CD album track "255-7" from the most recent "Secret Rhythms 4" album release. While keeping the orignal Liebezeit drum sound, he basically arranged a new groove based on a different time signature. Organ sequences weave minimalistic melodic lines all through the rich dubwise texture of this 8:50 remix. Rashad Becker, the Nonplace label´s permanent mastering engineer has mixed "The Sticks", originally released on "Secret Rhythms 2", made available in 2005. This piece was deliberately called "Mix" because the original narrative, the arrangement wasn´t touched. Instead, Rashad Becker treated the single instrument tracks in drastic manner, dehumanizing Friedman & Liebezeit´s acoustic mantra to the point of irrecognizability. Amongst many others, Rashad Becker has recently worked with Moritz Von Oswald and Emika (Ninja Tune)." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| NONPLACE | 8.90

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