"Still pushing the boundaries, Sandwell District's David Sumner a.k.a Function announces his first 12'' on Ostgut Ton. A regular at Berghain and Panorama Bar, is was only a matter of time before the infectious, hypnotic and psychedelic work of Function would find its way into the Ostgut catalogue. Opening with the mood-setting 'Gradient (Intro)', with it's spacial ambience and Sci-Fi dramatics, we are launched into the earthy, modulating 'Gradent I'. Tripping 808 patterns revolve around a dense inner core, taking us far out into the ether. Fortified with tougher percussion, 'Gradient II' snakes it's way through a filtering sequence, building on strong foundations to take us further into the abstract, yet heavily addictive Function mindset." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2013| m-/m-| OSTGUT TON | 12.00

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