"Escaping from the strange everyday life on Planet Egmond, Rupert and Droet the two confused Friends from the German Electroduo Fussel, visit Planets of great promise in their Spaceship made of dawn and candy floss. we are lucky now, signs are showing planet earth. In their bags they bring an Eartrumpet-Experiment named: "Planet Egmond". The first Album released on the hamburg based Label Zoikmusic is like a non-stop-Comic-Show, with Radio Plays in between. It comes like driving Staccato Beats, Noise -Hop-Explosions, Popmelodies and Batteriedrummrolls, like Tire squealing Kidrhymes, confetti bypass and Torpedo-galaxys in stuck Lifts, roaring on the dancefloor. Insanity doesn't end, when "Pfannkuchenaus" sounds, in which a spacedisco made of chocolate and croquant comes alive. Keyboardhips like "Frosch" and eggpelvis with mango- flowers on electric eel - "intergalactic Radio" rush along like niped balloons, that rub on pantyhose while Rupert and Droet master the most bizarre situations on Planet Egmond." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2008| ZOIKMUSIC | 12.90

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