"Kurt Johnson most notable I suppose would be his stint as the bassist for the Chicago based FLYING LUTTENBACHERS. Anyway Kurt bought one of the Haino double discs from me and when I shipped in his package I threw in the Dikeman CD, as I knew he circulated a little amongst some of the folks on that disc. Kurt emailed back and mentioned that he had played some gigs with Tatsuya Nakatani and that he'd send them out for me to check out. Mail comes like a week or so later I drop the disc in the tray and wholly shit this infernal racket comes slamming out the speakers fantastic I thought sounds like the whole damn band kicked down a flight of stairs over and over. After a few listens I pitched him on the idea and we squared away the details and we had a release!! Here's the line-up KURT JOHNSON - bass guitar, double bass, electronics; KYLE BRUCKMANN - minimoog, electronics, suona; TATSUYA NAKATANI - drums percussion " (label info)
in stock | US| 2007| ARCHIVE | 5.90

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