special offer "Gary Sloan led this pack and was responsible for Harmonicas that were vocoded, synthesized, electric and normal. The rest handled special effects and synthesizer duties. There are eight songs on this LP, with half of them being minimal synth driven. We will focus on those only while the other half are forgettable and we won't bore you with them. The standout track is the title single "Harmonitalk" with its stimulating vocoder effects and yes..a harmonica solo, but it actually blends in rather nicely .There is also the intriguing spoken word arrangement "Final Transmission" that talks about futuristic science fiction things. and to end, the album ventures into a trippy spaced out tangent of synthesizer instrumentals - "Good Indian" & "Glacier Suite". It looks like Gary and crew were from the Northwestern extremity of Alaska." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2012| CACHE CACHE | 11.90

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