""thrtysxtrllnmnfstns" is the debut release from guitarist-composer geoff mullen, containing a series of delicate thunderstorms scored for string instruments, bias-altered amplification and analog circuitry that at once recall both the slow-arc americana of the vanguard and takoma labels and the contemporary guitar-based minimalism and drone-work of fine folks such as rafael toral and fennesz. at times consisting of a lonesome, banshee-wail of carefully-plotted electric guitar feedback with what sound like vinyl run-out grooves; others a poly-rhythmic tapestry of improvised, repetitive acoustic lines and circuit-bent electronic skree, "thrtysxtrllnmnfstns" will find favor amongst advocates of drone-rock, free-folk, etc... geoff's first demo (now his first "real" release) may very well be the best demo i've ever received (if the boxes of cdrs above my record shelves can be judged by volume alone i have received approximately 800 of them) for myriad reasons; for one it doesn't sound wholly like any one other thing i've ever heard... although it certainly contains elements of various music(s) i hold dear (...and this could be the pseudo-ephedrine talking but i imagine geoff listens to a great deal of sandy bull, loren mazzacane connors, jim o'rourke, and nick zammuto's music)" (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| ENTSCHULDIGEN | 4.90

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