"Geskia is back! The Tokyo-based breakbeats master who released the critically acclaimed album "Silent 77" and received rave reviews from all over the world is back with his latest EP "Eclipse 323". This stunning EP is beautifully stamped with Geskia's signature break beats style, by combining various musical elements like laptop acoustic, psychedelic, shoegazing and glitch and at the same time, infused with a lovely twist of trip-hop revival. These trademark sounds of Geskia create an "atmosphere of uncertainty, upsurge of sentiment, beautiful but yet decadent". This EP is indeed an awesome feast for all the fans of hip hop, breakbeats and IDM. And if you are into Flying Lotus, Chris Clark, this is definitely a must-have album for you. To top if off, we have 3 superb remixes included inside this ep, which are contributed by some of the most important figures in the current breakbeats/hip hop scene, including: Caural - the famous hip hop / breakbeats artist from chocolate industries, Bracken - the project by Chris Adams (Hood) from anticon, and Lukid - the brilliant London-based young producer whose works have received praises from Herbert and Kode 9. In "Eclipse 323", the future of underground hip hop is taking shape." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2009| FLAU | 12.90

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