"The stunning debut album by Geskia "Silent77", is unquestionably a masterpiece of Japanese underground hip hop and breakbeats. "Silent77" is hugely inspired by a picturesque setting sun that has been imprinted into Geskia's musical mind. The awe-inspiring magnitude of evening sun ray that covered a quiet town where the curtain of night was slowly falling down, is remarkably reproduced in Geskia's dazzling energized beats and noisy beautiful pad. Geskia, through his distinctive music style, beautifully reinterpreted, with strong heartfelt emotion, the silent speed and soundless energy that relayed by the overwhelming yellowish sunbeams and the contrasted loneliness of the little town. Many of these sophisticated inner feelings of human and complex musical interpretations are expressed precisely by mesmerizing programming skill possessed by Geskia, whom Dose-One spoke very highly of. As you will soon discover, "Silent 77" is a brilliant testimonial by Geskia, who is a '77er, that "silent" can be wildest loudness that evoke our feelings!" (label info)
in stock | JP| 2008| FLAU | 12.90

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