"One of France's most idiosyncratic talents, Ghédalia Tazartès has since the mid-70's mined a sui generis universe of berserk intoning and wailing glossolalia vocalization, rough hewn tape collage and loose ethno-instrumental mulch, all elements frottaging each other against their inherent grains to much screwy amusement. Voyage à l'ombre, originally issued on CD in 1997 and re-released last year on LP (with almost 30 minutes of the original recordings missing!), is the work of a world class mad hatter and is one of his most cohesive albums. The start of the eponymous title suite begins with Tazartes in maximal looning-in-the-shower mode as he cheerfully bleats along with scratchy old 20's era 78's; a bare-bones first salvo for a suite that's amongst Tazartes sparsest. It's a deeply mental display, yet oddly effecting in some inscrutable fashion and it's precisely this sort of ferreting out of latent emotionally charged content in the middle of dadaland that is a hallmark of this inscrutable character's whacked methodology and self-evident genius. (text partly taken from Mutant Sound Blog)." (label info)
in stock | CH| 2013| HINTERZIMMER | 13.90

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