audio dvd 5.1 surround sound"The first recording of his 32-minute grand cantata 'La Nascita del Verbo.' Steeped in chromaticism, with hints of Scriabin and a sea of percussion, 'Nascita' boasts a vast double fugue and a forty-seven voice canon in twelve keys. One of Scelsi's infamous pieces are the 'Quattro Pezzi (su una nota sola).' Each piece is limited to one pitch with micro-fluctuations of sound. Because of the nearly total abandonment of harmonics, the listener concentrtates on new sonorous subtleties, on the orchestra's timbre as a whole. In 1966, he completed the ferocious, tormented, complex 'Uaxuctum.' The myths and mysteries of this Mayan city is reflected in Scelsi's compositional process: new instrumental and vocal techniques, rhythmic incantations, a petrified flow of time. Few woodwinds, a string section consisting of six double basses, lots of brass, and, in addition to a timpanist, no less than seven percussionists!" (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| m-/m-| MODE | 25.00

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