"A meditation on silence, ecstatic and radical hearing of a soul who catch the real essence of sound and frees his creativity without a doubt. The result of a deep inner search, involved and involving. The journey of a non-compromised artist that choose the hardest way to reach a definition of his research. For Pernaiachi it's the overcoming of the "classic" position of the author. Here the author call the nature, he settle any compromise with the instrument, with the musical writing. The work use the sounds of nature, of life. Itself is nature, and life. Unpolluted. And then difficult to perceive, to hear. It's a work of silence. An open work, that the listener can 'compose' with his own actions. "Pernaiachi makes silence sacred: it is a silence charged with all silences. It is a flaming silence." (Renzo Cresti) Limited edition of 500, numbered, copies. Cardboard box in 4 full colours. 20 pages booklet. 2 separate sheets with the diagrams of the composition, to be used for the "montage" of the opera. Texts by the author and by Renzo Cresti, in italian and english."
in stock | IT| 2002| ANTS RECORDS | 23.90

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