"Years of MTV crammed into a 12 track hyper-edited epic party album. With all genres covered, this release cuts up endless top 40 sources at a breakneck pace to create the perfect A.D.D. club mix. This album accurately captures the energetic, rowdy, and non-stop fun nature of Girl Talk's celebrated live show. With less DSP antics/noise than his previous album, Unstoppable truly reaches out to the masses with its pure pop appeal. Girl Talk tours regularly in the U.S., and Gregg Gillis is becoming identified as the poster child of the glitch pop craze. Never mind the bootleg/mashup hype, this is the jump off. This CD is being co-released with Spasticated Records of Australia and includes a Quicktime music video compiled from live footage shot over the past two years." (label info)
in stock | US| 2003| ILLEGAL ART | 14.90

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