"GIW is the solo project of trumpeter & performer Pablo Giw from Cologne, Germany. With his record Never Is Always, he releases a intense collage of diverse musical material, based on experimental trumpet playing with extended playing techniques. The album also features his expressive vocals and spoken word lyrics. GIW works with elements from various genres, combining minimalist structures with noise & neo soul, creating dense sound walls and hissing beats made of air. Having electronic music in mind, but creating it by mostly acoustic and instrumental means, NIA is also a logical consequence of GIWs musical development. He redefines his role as a trumpet player and uses his instrument as sound generator for complex harmonic layers, a drum machine or as a filter for his voice. His album has a contemplative atmosphere, reflecting on the self and the outer world." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2017| TI-RECORDS | 17.90

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