"new discovery on A-Musik. debut release by Braunschweig's filmmaker Andreas Gogol. A collection of 19 tracks he recorded over the last decade mainly at home using multi-track recordings and available only to a few friends as self-made cd-r releases. Renaldo & The Loaf or early Chrome in their 'Alien Soundtracks / Half Machine Lip Moves (the 'slower tracks!') era came in my mind while listening to Go:gol's tracks. sometimes unbelieving it's all done by one guy on 4-track machine. lots of tracks a have a real 'band'-sound. moody tracks refer unintendently to Loren Mazzacane Connors meets Can. the most un-electronic release on A-Musik so far." (label info) CD features some bonus tracks.
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in stock | DE| 2005| A-MUSIK | 4.90

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