"The quartet recorded this ode to nature and lust in his isolated Gol-farm studio or in its surrounding fields of the beautiful but severe sylvian region of the Morvan. Hence the moisture of the early morning of the countryside summer of 2008 that irrigates string based ballads titillated by the ethereal voice of the next door neighbors' young daughter. Hence the stormy wind blowing a tense energy to other more radical tunes. "Schizoïd electronic avant-folk with pop hints" may be easily chosen to satisfy the taxonomy but, to put it simple, the 11 tracks of "Goose Vibrations" are merely sincere and provoke a rare and invigorating inner joy. Beware, Pan might be hidden inside your speakers! issued by GOL Records & Coopérative des Arts Fermiers." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2013| GOL RECORDS | 19.90

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